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What it's like to stay at MonteSuenos

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The beauty that is MonteSuenos bnb in Vilcabamba, Ecuador is at best indescribable. You really have to come enjoy it! Here's what you can expect -

Upon awakening

Most of the rooms have a view of the mountains and there's nothing like waking up and looking out onto the mountain view. You are served a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, eggs, toast, fresh juice and coffee.

Daily Routine

Pretty much you will find yourself going from different areas of MonteSuenos to take in the views. You can walk to town or have Ulices call you a taxi ($3 gets you to town!) There's many restaurants and shops or you can just sit in the town square and take in the sites.

There's many hiking trails or arrangements for horseback riding can be made.

A private masseuse can be called if you want a pampering day!

The internet is great so you can always watch some Netflix before bed.

MonteSuenos is a great place to find stillness. It's wonderful how just looking at nature calms you down and centers you!

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